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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
encoding-key.patch Endocing=UTF-8 is assumed as default and the encoding key expected to
disappear nowadays
translations.patch Adding a French and a Swedish translation for ghextris no
source.patch Some source changes accumulated over time to keep the software up to
the status of the archive

port-to-3.patch Port to python3/python-gi/gtk3/glade This patch ports the game from the obsolete python2/gtk2/gnome2
technology stack to python3/python3-gi/gtk3/glade technology stack

The drawing areas (main and preview) were changed from GnomeCanvas to
GtkDrawingArea, this required a major re-strucutring of the drawing code
as GtkDrawingarea does not provide persistent objects on it's canvas. The
game code was modified to store the color of the tiles in it's internal
representation and then the rendering code was adapted to draw the board
state from this internal representation.

The menus were re-done using the menu support in Gtk.Application

Various gnome/bonobo UI elements were replaced with plain GTK substitutes

The division operators were changed to reflect the language changes in python3

Modulo7 <> no debian

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