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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
u-version-pari-2.11.patch make tests pass with a recent pari Ximin Luo invalid
define-anyarg.patch [PATCH] define anyarg Ileana Dumitrescu <> no 2022-10-21
increase-pari-size.patch [PATCH] increase pari size Ileana Dumitrescu <> no 2022-10-21
fix-string-compiler-error.patch [PATCH] fix string compiler error Ileana Dumitrescu <> no 2022-11-05
missing-build-rules.patch Add missing build rules Upstream bundles them, we exclude them via Files-Excluded but then need to build them Ximin Luo <> invalid
split-build-install.patch split the build install in several targets Ximin Luo invalid
d-dont-build-files-excluded.patch Don't build Files-Excluded Ximin Luo <> not-needed
plot-no-uchar.patch diff -Nru giac- giac- no
system-gl2ps.patch Use system gl2ps Ximin Luo <> invalid
version-bison-3.patch Updates for flex 2.6.1 Ximin Luo <> invalid
dont-bg-hevea.patch Don't run hevea in background Ximin Luo <> invalid
d-find-doc-files-at-buildtime.patch Allow XCAS_ROOT override, so doc files can be found during the build By default the documentation build looks in /usr/share, leading to non-fatal
errors like "// Unable to find keyword file doc/en/keywords".
Ximin Luo <> not-needed
d-dont-include-remote-scripts.patch Don't include remote scripts We have them in Debian, use those.
To refresh this patch:

files=$(git grep -l '/cdn' -- ':^debian')
quilt add $files
sed -i \
-e 's,{giacjsonline},{giacjshere},g' \
-e 's,,file:///usr/share/javascript/mathjax/,g' \
-e '/^%\loadgiacjsonline/d' \
quilt refresh

(You might also have to update the URL in the sed expression.)

Then refresh, pop, and manually remove false positives from this patch, e.g.
%%comments and \verb literals and \newenvironment declarations. (This patch
should contain no hunks that change \newenvironment declarations.)
Ximin Luo <> not-needed
dont_build_dvi_and_ps.patch don't build the dvi and ps files J.Puydt not-needed
drop_fr_doc.patch drop the fr documentation (doesn't build upstream) Julien Puydt invalid

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