Debian Patches

Status for glhack/1.2-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-makefile-fix.patch Fixes to make it debian compatible Stefan Ritter <> no
02-remove-guidebook-manpage.patch We're using the .txt variant instead of a broken manpage Stefan Ritter <> no
03-startupfile-fix.patch The old script was weird Stefan Ritter <> no
04-png-files-path.patch PNG files are now in /u/s/pixmaps, so we had to fix the paths in source Stefan Ritter <> no
05-var-dir-fix.patch Fixed path to vardir Stefan Ritter <> no
06-fix-manpages.patch escaped minus-signs in manpages Stefan Ritter <> no
07-harden-build-flags.patch Fix printf() like calls without format speficier Jari Aalto <> no
08-ftbfs-649948.patch FTBFS by libpng 1.5 (Closes: #649948) Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> no debian
09-reproducible-build.patch Do not define or use the build date Santiago Vila <> no
10-comp-times.patch Change comp_times() to always return 0 (i.e. false) since BUILD_TIME is not defined anymore Santiago Vila <> no

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