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Status for gmerlin-avdecoder/2.0.0~svn6298~dfsg0-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
ffmpeg5.patch Fix FTBFS with FFMPEG5 It seems that <libavodec/bsf.h> is not longer included automatically IOhannes m zmölnig no Debian 2022-02-15
propagate-ldflags-to-plugins.patch propagate LDFLAGS to plugins IOhannes m zmölnig no
cross-compiling.patch cross-compilation fixes Mostly: add 3rd option to AC_TRY_RUN IOhannes m zmölnig <> no 2022-08-31
fix-spelling.patch Fix spelling mistakes IOhannes m zmölnig no Debian 2021-08-30
reproducible-docs.patch Switch off FULL_PATH_NAMES to make builds (more) reproducible IOhannes m zmölnig no 2021-08-30
DEBIAN_autoconf-removed-sources.patch fix build-system due to removed upstream sources IOhannes m zmölnig <> not-needed 2011-01-10
DEBIAN_system-gsm.patch use system libgsm use system's libgsm (+headers), since the version that ships with
upstream is removed (for policy reasons) and the two are supposed to be
IOhannes m zmölnig <> not-needed 2011-01-10
ffmpeg51.patch Fix build against newer FFmpeg5 in order to use LIBAVCODEC_VERSION_INT we must include libavcodec/version.h
there are also some deprecation warning, which i got rid of
IOhannes m zmölnig no upstream 2022-08-31

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