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Open-new-tabs-in-the-current-folder.patch [PATCH] Open new tabs in the current folder
Currently, each new tab is opened in the $HOME folder (or in the
folder where the first instance of kgx was launched).

Although all the piping is already in place to allow to open each
new tab in the same folder than the current one, the problem is
that VTE neither returns the current folder's URI, nor emits a
signal when the user changed the current folder.

This is because VTE requires some help from the shell in order to
know in which folder it is at each moment. The shell must emit the
string each time the current folder changes or is set.


This can be achieved by setting PROMPT_COMMAND environment
variable, like in,
but it has the problem of being compatible only with BASH.

This MR, instead, achieves this by reading the CWD path in /proc.
This is a trick used in Debian to allow to do this same thing in
Gnome Terminal, as seen in:

The problem is that there is no way of detecting a change in
the file (a GFileMonitor doesn't seem work), so it requires
changes in order to read the path in the precise moment that
a new page is created.
Sergio Costas Rodriguez <> no 2022-08-01
background-set-Ubuntu-purple.patch background: set Ubuntu purple
Ubuntu only has a single purple for the terminal background color
which is a dark background so we can't make the foreground color
different between Light and Dark styles.

Only make this change on Ubuntu and set it universally regardless
of desktop session
=?utf-8?q?Jeremy_B=C3=ADcha?= <> no 2023-08-09

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