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Status for golang-1.20/1.20.7-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Disable-test-for-UserHomeDir.patch Disable test for UserHomeDir.
On Debian buildds, the user home dir does not exist, so this test fails.
"Dr. Tobias Quathamer" <> no 2018-12-19
0002-Fix-Lintian-warnings-about-wrong-interpreter-path.patch Fix Lintian warnings about wrong interpreter path
The command used for this change is as follows:

grep -rH "/usr/bin/env perl" * | cut -d: -f1 | xargs -n1 sed -i -e "s,/usr/bin/env perl,/usr/bin/perl,"
"Dr. Tobias Quathamer" <> no 2019-08-01
0003-cmd-dist-increase-default-timeout-scale-for-arm.patch [PATCH] cmd/dist: increase default timeout scale for arm

Most developers use (faster) amd64 machines setting the test timeouts,
but test may run on slower arm ones and also different tests may suffer
different relative slowdown on the arm CPUs.

Due to those two varying factors it is safer to allow a higher timeout
scale on arm to avoid tests timing out.
Balint Reczey <> yes 2020-08-31
0004-skip-userns-test-in-schroot-as-well.patch skip userns test in schroot as well
When schroot is using overlayfs, it fails to detect it as chroot.
Shengjing Zhu <> no 2021-02-05

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