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0001-Revert-cli-write_test-to-urfave-cli-1.22.5-compatibi.patch Revert cli/write_test to urfave/cli < 1.22.5 compatibility
The following commit was included in urfave v1.22.5 release which
changed from short to long options:

Debian is still at urfave/cli 1.22.4, so revert the test to how it
used to look so it passes again until we get 1.22.5 in debian (at
which point this patch can simply be dropped).

(Alternatively mender-artifact might at some point be ported to
urfave-cli-v2, which would make the point moot and this patch no longer
Andreas Henriksson <> no 2021-08-18
0003-compatible-with-urfave-cli-1.22.4-and-1.22.5.patch compatible with urfave/cli 1.22.4 and 1.22.5 Shengjing Zhu <> no 2021-11-08
old-go-genproto.patch diff -urip ./artifact/gcp/signer.go /var/cache/pbuilder/build/62527/build/golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact-3.7.0+ds1/obj-x86_64-linux-gnu/src/ no
0004-Remove-vault-signer.patch Remove vault signer
There's simply too much work to be done on the src:vault package
to get it into a shape where we can depend on it.

For now just revert adding the vault signer to mender-artifact.

If we can't figure out a way to fix up src:vault and have it
provide golang-github-hashicorp-vault-api-dev for us to build-dep
on, then another solution might be to simply stop stripping vendored
dependencies + stop using external build dependencies....
This is a decision for another day though.
Andreas Henriksson <> no 2022-10-14

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