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Status for gosa-plugins-systems/2.8~git20211027.5741b8f-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001_php8.x-deprecation-warnings.patch [PATCH] admin/systems/{, services/shares/class_{goShareServer, servNfs}.inc}: Fix (deprecation)
Daniel Teichmann <> yes 2022-12-15
0002_add-dnszone-schema.patch [PATCH] Add contrib/dnszone.{ldif, schema} files. Daniel Teichmann <> yes 2023-01-06
0003_add-dhcp-schema.patch [PATCH] Add contrib/dhcp.{ldif, schema} files. Daniel Teichmann <> yes 2023-01-06
0004_integrate-goto-plugin-code.patch [PATCH] Migrate files from deprecated gosa-plugin-goto.
The complete git history before this commit is located here:
Daniel Teichmann <> no 2023-02-02
1001_php8.2-deprecations.patch no
1002_fix-dhcp-dns-checkboxes.patch Fix DHCP and DNS checkboxes when adding systems
This changes the checkboxes on the network template of the default theme so
that they conform to the markup structure expected by materialize.css.
Guido Berhoerster <> no
1003_fix-icon-rendering-in-DHCP-servlet.patch no
1004_enforce_unqualified_hostname.patch Enforce unqualified hostname for workstations
The general assumption is that the CN refers to an unqualified hostname.
Guido Berhoerster <> no debian [PATCH] admin/systems/goto/ Fix detecting $this->is_account property properly. This fixes adding systems of type "Network
printer" via GOsa's system management.
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-29 [PATCH] admin/systems/ Avoid doubling of systemRDN sub-OUs. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-29

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