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Status for gpm/1.20.7-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
001_missing_V_option.patch Add no-op option -V for compatibility
002_force_repeat_000 Add -F option to force repeat mode
"Zephaniah E. Hull" <> no 1999-01-03
005_types_000 Description:
Refit modification by James Troup to improve descriptions of mouse types,
add a M_listMice function that is a M_listTypes modification, and a new
M_listTypes, which only lists mnemonics. Modified by Joshua Kwan
no 2004-08-10
007_doc_fix_000 Misc. documentation fixes and man-page renamings no
007_doc_fix_001 Description Fixes to awk manpages script

007_doc_fix_FAQ Remove FAQ entries about compilation issues
010_ps2_rework.patch PS/2 rework Zephaniah E. Hull <> no
013_xterm_mouse_support_000 Also check for term.h and handle its presence no
014_has_mouse_control.patch source code of gpm_has_mouse_control helper
031_max_consoles.patch Use MAX_NR_CONSOLES instead of MAX_VC no
050_dont_link_libcurses Don't link against libcurses no
060_no_blocking_on_mouse_device_under_x No blocking on mouse device under X no
070_struct_ucred Fix "storage size of 'sucred' is unknown" FTBFS no debian
080_cross-compile.patch Add AC_CANONICAL_HOST no
090_linux3_versions Initialize kernel version, to cope with empty sublevel definitions Example:
NAME = Saber-toothed Squirrel
091_glibc_2.17_types Fix FTBFS with glibc 2.17 gregor herrmann <> no debian
092_fix-format-not-a-string-literal-and-no-format-arguments.patch Fix FTBFS with -Wformat-security Axel Beckert <> no debian
093_fix-typos.patch Fix spelling errors found by lintian Axel Beckert <> no
094_gpm-1.20.7-glibc-2.26-1.patch Fix FTBFS with glibc 2.26 tnut from, yes debian upstream
095_fix-compilation-with-gcc-10.patch FTBFS with gcc-10 due to -fno-commons Sergei Trofimovich <> yes debian upstream
096_fix-compilation-against-musl-libc.patch Add musl support * Use SA_NODEFER instead of its non-standard alias SA_NOMASK.
* Add missing sys/select.h and fcntl.h includes.
* Use standard sigemptyset unconditionally.
* Define SA_INTERRUPT if it's not defined (historical no-op).
* With these changes gpm builds against musl libc.
Szabolcs Nagy <> no debian

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