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ada-lib-info-source-date-epoch.diff handle ALI timestamps generated from SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH When the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable is set,
gcc replaces timestamps more recent than its value with its value
when writing Ada Library Information (ALI) files.
This allow reproducible builds from generated or patched Ada sources.
Let gprbuild recognize this situation instead of always detecting the
file as obsolete.
The patch should be kept in sync with the gcc-BV patch with the same name
(hence Getenv instead of Ada.Environment_Variable.Value).
TODO: backport changes to gcc-14
TODO: find a proper solution for 2038
Both changes will modify libgnat and should happen before a transition.
Nicolas Boulenguez <> no
do-not-strip-minor-soversion.diff when linking libraries, do not strip minor version numbers Use the exact Library_Version provided, if any, as
the soname of libraries (PR ada/40025).
The original Debian GCC patch ada-library-project-files-soname.diff
makes the strip optional, but seems ignored upstream.
Nicolas Boulenguez <> no
examples-compile-ada-and-c-with-same-gcc.diff in examples, require the same major version for Ada and C compilers This cannot be forwarded because /usr/bin/gcc-MAJOR is specific to Debian. Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed
adapt-to-private-timeval.diff Adapt gpr to a private timeval type in libgnat Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed
adapt-to-private-time-t.diff Adapt gpr to a private time_t type in libgnat Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed

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