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Status for gringo/5.4.1-3.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
gringo-manpages.patch Add gringo.1, clingo.1, lpconvert.1, and reify.1 manpages
Thomas Krennwallner <> no 2016-12-07
gringo-python3-utf8.patch Fix testsuite for python3 when reading utf-8 scripts
Thomas Krennwallner <> no 2018-02-05
link-libatomic-check.patch link with libatomic on architectures that require it

clingo requires c++11 threads with 64bit __atomic_exchange, we need to
link with libatomic on armel, powerpc, powerpcspe, m68k, mips, mipsel,
and sh4, see also and

This patch was shamelessly adapted from
Thomas Krennwallner <> no 2020-03-11
bump-version-5.4.1.patch bump CLINGO_VERSION to 5.4.1

upstream forgot to bump revision+1
Thomas Krennwallner <> no 2020-12-27
use-system-catch-for-glibc-2.34-compat.patch Fix 'catch' & 'catch2' compatibility with glibc-2.34 The gringo package contains several embedded copies of the 'catch' (CTest)
library. All of those copies are outdated and incompatible with glibc-2.34.
This patch updates the test sources to use the system provided versions of
'catch' and 'catch2' instead, to fix this issue.
Lukas Märdian <> yes upstream vendor, Ubuntu 2022-01-18
testsuite-python-open-rU.patch Fix the testsuite for Python no longer supporting 'rU' in open() Adrian Bunk <> no

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