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0001-fdkaac-Add-support-for-LATM.patch [PATCH 1/7] fdkaac: Add support for LATM
ISO/IEC 14496-3 (MPEG-4 Audio) defines the LATM/LOAS mechanism to transport
streams without using ISO/IEC 14496-1 (MPEG-4 Systems) for audio only
applications. The transport mechanism uses a two-layer approach, namely a
multiplex layer and a synchronization layer. The multiplex layer viz.
(Low-overhead MPEG-4 Audio Transport Multiplex: LATM) manages multiplexing
of several MPEG-4 Audio payloads and their AudioSpecificConfig elements.
LATM might be considered as LOAS without the synchronization layer.

As per the spec, the multiplexed element viz. AudioMuxElement without
synchronization shall only be used for transmission channels where the
underlying transport layer already provides frame synchronization. An
example case is using AAC with bluetooth.

LATM MCP1 encoded data can be payloaded in RTP for sending the AAC
stream via bluetooth.

For details on bitstream, see the Fraunhofer IIS Application Bulletin on
AAC transport formats.

Note that muxConfigPresent needs to be set at the application layer and
signals whether the configuration is sent within or outside the stream.
This cannot be determined by parsing the bitstream. We introduce two
different stream formats to be able to distinguish between the MCP0 and
MCP1 case, viz. latm-mcp0/1.
Sanchayan Maity <> no 2020-11-12
0002-fdkaacdec-Do-not-report-decoding-error-for-flush-req.patch [PATCH 2/7] fdkaacdec: Do not report decoding error for flush request
A flush request is done when set_format is called to empty internal bit
buffer maintained by fdk-aac. When this happens, during the explicit
call to handle_buffer, decodeFrame does not return a AAC_DEC_OK. This
gets reported as a decoding error while no decoding error in fact took
place. Since this can be confusing, just return a GST_FLOW_OK and log
that an explicit flush was requested.
Sanchayan Maity <> no 2020-11-26
0003-fdkaac-Add-support-for-LOAS.patch [PATCH 3/7] fdkaac: Add support for LOAS Sanchayan Maity <> no 2021-01-18
0004-fdkaacenc-Add-support-for-setting-header-period.patch [PATCH 4/7] fdkaacenc: Add support for setting header period
Header period is frame count period for sending in-band configuration buffers
within LATM/LOAS transport layer. Additionally this parameter configures the
Program Config Element (PCE) repetition period in raw data block.
Sanchayan Maity <> no 2021-01-23
0005-fdkaacenc-Add-support-for-enabling-afterburner.patch [PATCH 5/7] fdkaacenc: Add support for enabling afterburner
This is an additional quality parameter. In the default configuration this
quality switch is deactivated because it would cause a workload increase
which might be significant. If workload is not an issue in the application
it can be recommended to activate this feature.
Sanchayan Maity <> no 2021-01-23
0006-fdkaacenc-Add-support-for-setting-bitrate-mode.patch [PATCH 6/7] fdkaacenc: Add support for setting bitrate mode Sanchayan Maity <> no 2021-01-27
0007-fdkaacenc-Add-support-for-setting-peak-bitrate.patch [PATCH 7/7] fdkaacenc: Add support for setting peak bitrate Sanchayan Maity <> no 2021-01-31

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