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Status for gyoto/1.4.4-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
gcc11 Support GCC 11 GCC 11 implements C++17, which introduced std::data, breaking some
code that uses `data' as a variable name together with "using namespace
Thibaut Paumard <> no debian vendor 2021-10-15
interpreter-path Change script interpreter path in gyotoy.i Thibaut Paumard <> not-needed vendor 2012-06-23
python_tests Skip FlaredDiskSynchrotron in python tests FlaredDiskSynchrotron has a bug that causes segfaults in tests, it is not
fixable without breaking the ABI so let's skip the test for now. Next minor
upstream release will include a proper fix.
Thibaut Paumard <> not-needed debian 2020-03-05
autoreconf2.70 fix for autoreconf 2.70 Since version 2.70, autoreconf has become somewhat more picky
about the macro expansions, and they seem to need a bit more
√Čtienne Mollier <> no debian vendor 2021-09-21
startrace Always initialize StarTrace::tmin_ and tmax_ tmin_ and tmax_ where not always initialized which led to unpredictable
behavior in particular in an MPI context.
Thibaut Paumard <> no debian upstream 2021-10-16
Unit___str__ Fix cast from Gyoto;;Unit to Python string Thibaut Paumard <> no debian upstream 2022-11-26
numpy_array Replace _fromnumpy by .fromnumpy in Python code The fact that array_double_fromnumpy1 used to work was probably a bug. Thibaut Paumard <> not-needed upstream 2022-11-27
getargspec In Python plug-in, try getfullargspec before deprecated getargspec Thibaut Paumard <> not-needed upstream 2022-11-27

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