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Status for hedgewars/1.0.2-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
clang-10 Find clangs Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2022-10-03
9cd8d7748199.patch # HG changeset patch
# User alfadur
# Date 1663731365 -10800
# Node ID 9cd8d7748199d732cf7e5b0b245f1159bc86f0ea
# Parent f550a79274fab200e07209edeb9291c06041af19
fix pred/succ conversion

diff -r f550a79274fa -r 9cd8d7748199 tools/pas2c/Pas2C.hs
c09063ea0267.patch # HG changeset patch
# User alfadur
# Date 1663732531 -10800
# Node ID c09063ea0267b1a016a3a682f6d8cb39c3f7300d
# Parent 9cd8d7748199d732cf7e5b0b245f1159bc86f0ea
fix the other 2 pred/succ conversions

diff -r 9cd8d7748199 -r c09063ea0267 tools/pas2c/Pas2C.hs
dwarf.patch Workaround Debian bug until dwz starts understanding dwarf-5 binaries.

diff --git a/CMakeLists.txt b/CMakeLists.txt
index 8fc48b94..12d36ba9 100644
clang-15.patch diff --git a/project_files/hwc/rtl/sysutils.c b/project_files/hwc/rtl/sysutils.c
index bd1470f3..724c5c74 100644
24545642473f.patch # HG changeset patch
# User unc0rr
# Date 1686895845 -7200
# Node ID 24545642473f3a06400ace429a1e829dfdf91972
# Parent e8d94f84d294ad9089d838043fd99a4358dfc760
Fix pas2c build erroring after parsec added function we already define

diff -r e8d94f84d294 -r 24545642473f tools/pas2c/PascalBasics.hs
old-glext-prototypes.patch Add definition to use older prototypes until upstream fixes the pas2c build Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2024-01-02

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