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Status for hping3/3.a2.ds2-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
010_install.diff Adjust upstream for Debian compilation. Romain Francoise <> no
020_libpcap0.8.diff Various fixes for libpcap0.8 compilation.
Romain Francoise <> no 2014-09-02
030_bytesex.diff Endianness fixes. Romain Francoise <> no debian 2005-03-12
040_spelling.diff Various spelling fixes.
Romain Francoise <> no
050_personality.diff Say hping3, not hping2. Romain Francoise <> no
060_version.diff Fix hping version. Romain Francoise <> no
070_tcl.diff Hardcode libtcl version to be that of the default tclsh and add a less maintenance tclsh detection
(don't want refresh the patch when new tcl versions)
Guillaume Delacour <>

Romain Francoise <>, no 2014-09-02
080_ip_id_field.diff Fix "-N" command line argument Guillaume Delacour <> no debian 2009-05-13
090_fr_manpage.diff Use of hping2 fr manpage Guillaume Delacour <> no 2009-09-04
100_hyphen_used_as_minus_sign.diff Correct some hyphen used as minus (thanks lintian).
Guillaume Delacour <> no 2009-09-04
110_dontfrag_offbyone.diff Off-by-one error with --dontfrag Christian Mock <> no 2009-09-04
120_rtt_icmp_unreachable.diff Add RTT handling for ICMP destination unreachable packets. Baruch Even <> no debian 2009-09-04
130_spelling_error_in_binary.diff Subject; Fix spelling error in binary (lintian -IE) Romain Francoise <> no 2005-03-12
140_data_size_udp.diff Fix incorrect data size check for UDP.Bug-Debian; Luca Bigliardi <> no 2009-09-19
150_gnu_kfreebsd.diff Fix FTBFS: GNU/kFreeBSD not in arch list(s)
Guillaume Delacour <> no 2009-09-19
160_tcp_mss.diff Add tcp-mss support. no debian 2009-09-19
170_gnu_hurd.diff Add GNU Hurd support * define PATH_MAX
* Don't use AF_LINK features
* Read media status with MII and don't include <net/if_media.h>

Guillaume Delacour <> no 2014-08-06
180_dpkg-buildflags.diff Enable CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS in upstream MakeFile
Guillaume Delacour <> no 2014-09-02
190_ip_optlen_conflicting_types.diff Conflicting types for variable ip_optlen - globals.h: extern char ip_optlen;
- main.c: unsigned ip_optlen;
Undefined behaviour if the value of ip_optlen exceeds 127 for
any architecture with signed char type.

Michael Tautschnig <> no debian
fix_icmp_ipid.patch Fixes replies when icmp-ipid is used=================================================================== David Eisner <> no 2015-12-18
191_fix_ftbfs_with_gcc10.patch Fixes declaration of global variable=================================================================== Marcio de Souza Oliveira <> no 2020-09-02

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