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Status for httptunnel/3.3+dfsg-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-document-bind-to-address.patch Document that hts can bind to an ip address Teemu Hukkanen <> no debian 2024-03-16
02-document-cmdline-options.patch Document missing options

-s / --stdin-stdout (hts)
-z / --proxy-authorization-file (htc)
-w / --no-daemon (hts/htc).
=?utf-8?q?Gon=C3=A9ri_Le_Bouder?= <> no debian 2024-03-16
03-quote-dashes-in-manpage.patch Quote dashes in the manpages Teemu Hukkanen <> no 2024-03-16
04-fix-stdin-stdout.patch Fix stdin-stdout option Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed debian upstream 2024-03-16
05-update-email-address.patch Update my email address in the AUTHORS file Teemu Hukkanen <> no 2024-03-16
06-fix-cppflags-usage.patch Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of CPPFLAGS Teemu Hukkanen <> no 2024-03-16
08-fix-setsockopt-bugs.patch Fix setsockopt bugs Vladimir Olteanu <> not-needed 2024-03-16
09-upstream-faq-updates.patch FAQ updates from upstream Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed upstream 2024-03-16
10-upstream-debug-arg-required-in-debug.patch --debug is required when DEBUG_MODE is defined Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed upstream 2024-03-16
11-upstream-use-fputs-fputc.patch Use fputs and fputc instead of fprintf Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed upstream 2024-03-16
12-upstream-tunnel-h-doc.patch Document tunnel programming interface Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed upstream 2024-03-16
13-upstream-chroot-user-opts.patch Add --chroot and --user options

This allows chrooting the server, and running it with a different uid
& gid.
Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed debian upstream 2024-03-16
14-manpage-chroot-user-opts.patch Document --chroot and --user options Nicolas Collignon <> no debian 2024-03-16
15-modern_autoconf.patch Updates for modern autoconf versions Teemu Hukkanen <> not-needed upstream 2024-03-16
0015-Fix-function-name-in-log_debug-message-for-tunnel_in.patch Fix function name in log_debug message for tunnel_in_setsockopts function TJ Mercier <> no 2015-11-12
0016-Generate-autotools-files.patch Generate autotools files. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2015-11-13
0017-Update-some-text-files.patch Update some text files. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2015-11-14
0018-Fix-most-warnings.patch Fix most warnings. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2016-01-12
0019-Add-markdown-version-of-README.patch Add markdown version of README Gabriel Staples <> no 2016-09-26 Added debugging example to Gabriel Staples <> no 2016-10-01
0021-Ignore-built-files.patch Ignore built files. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2015-11-13
0022-Update-for-newer-Automake.patch Update for newer Automake. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2017-12-14
0023-Update-readmes.patch Update readmes. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2017-12-14
0024-Add-support-for-used-defined-base-URI.patch Add support for used defined base URI
* fixed two possible memory leaks in htc
* fixed compiler warning in hts for uid
Toni Uhlig <> no 2018-01-18
0025-Document-base-uri-parameter-in-htc.1.patch Document --base-uri parameter in htc.1 Teemu Hukkanen <> invalid 2024-03-16
0026-Fix-buffer-overflows-in-sprintf-usage.patch Fix buffer overflows in sprintf() usage gdm85 <> no 2018-07-28
0027-Report-remote-host-port-in-tunnel-disconnect-message.patch Report remote host:port in tunnel disconnect message gdm85 <> no 2018-07-28 Replace web page with GitHub. Lars Brinkhoff <> no 2021-01-31
0029-Fix-typo-in-README-make-links-INSTALL-and-DISCLAIMER.patch Fix typo in README; make links INSTALL and DISCLAIMER. hgsgtk <> no 2021-10-27
0030-docs-fix-tiny-typos.patch docs: fix tiny typos hgsgtk <> no 2021-10-28
0031-Repair-disconnect-message.patch Repair disconnect message. hundertzwei <> no 2023-05-08
0032-Document-stdin-stdout.patch Document --stdin-stdout Teemu Hukkanen <> invalid debian 2024-03-18
0033-Improve-manpages.patch Improve manpages
Add examples, adapted from the README file.
Add SEE ALSO section.
Fix dash quoting in htc.1.
Teemu Hukkanen <> invalid 2024-03-18
0034-Convert-AUTHORS-from-ISO-8859-1-to-UTF-8-using-iconv.patch Convert AUTHORS from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 using iconv Teemu Hukkanen <> invalid 2024-03-18 Bring README up-to-date with Teemu Hukkanen <> invalid 2024-03-18
0036-Improve-debugging-example-explaining-to-build-with-e.patch Improve debugging example, explaining to build with --enable-debug Teemu Hukkanen <> invalid 2024-03-18

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