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Status for hyperic-sigar/1.6.4+dfsg-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-bindings-java-Remove-HP-UX-AIX-compiler-support.patch bindings/java: Remove HP-UX, AIX compiler support
Sigar upstream ships a patched ant-cpptasks plugin without source;
those changes apparently never made it cpptasks upstream.
Hilko Bengen <> no 2013-01-27
0002-bindings-java-fix-java-build-script.patch bindings/java: fix java build script
- Look for .jar files in /usr/share/java
- Use Debian's cpptasks
Hilko Bengen <> no 2013-01-27
0003-bindings-java-Use-sane-name-for-JNI-library.patch bindings/java: Use sane name for JNI library Hilko Bengen <> no 2013-01-27
0004-make-the-package-compile-on-MIPS.patch make the package compile on MIPS Hilko Bengen <> no 2014-07-29
no-m64.patch Removing cc -m64 flag to fix build on mips64el, mips64, aarch64 and riscv64 (Closes: #997807). Thanks Aurelien Jarno. Andrius Merkys <> no
ftbfs-glibc-2.28.diff Fix FTBFS against glibc 2.28 Logan Rosen <> yes 2019-01-11
fix-undefined-symbols.patch fix 'undefined symbol: sigar_skip_token' problem as suggested in upstream's issue tracker: Andrius Merkys <> no
rpc.patch Switching from glibc RPC headers to tirpc. Andrius Merkys <> no

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