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Status for ifmail/2.14tx8.10-27

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
portability_hurd no
config no
example_config no
portability_stdarg Use stdarg.h instead of varargs.h. no debian
feature_setproctitle setproctitle() in ifcico is enabled and ps will show the state of the call. no
feature_packets_acl no
feature_config no
portability_open Missing mode to open() call with O_CREAT James Westby <> no debian
portability_gdbm no debian
portability_headers Support glibc 2.1. no debian
feature_sentmode The first character of the argument of the new config option "sentmode"
will be used as the transfert mode in ?lo files ("^" is the default).
feature_restampolder The new config option "restampolder" can be used to configure the number
of days after which echomail is restamped.

rnews logs each article submitted so innreport can count them.

Messages with an unparseable date field will have a X-Bad-Date header
in Usenet and a WARNING kludge when gated back.
feature_hidden no
feature_notxy_flag Override the UTxy flag with option NoTxy in config. no
feature_fts-5005 Implement FTS-5005 Markus Reschke <> no
support_cp866 Andrey Smirnov no
experimental_emsi no
translation_ru no
kill_in_transit Transit attached files are always killed after having been sent to a remote
no_debug_falists Commented out all debug() calls for performance reasons. no
no_io_after_hangup The config options ModemHangup and ModemAfterCall are ignored because
linux does not allow I/O on an a TTY after hangup.
hydraname no
ftn-larger-buf no
fix_zmodem_sscanf no
fix_bison no debian
fix_bison2 no
fix_y2k no
fix_shebang no
fix_maxuflags no
fix_man_section no
fix_flex no debian
fix_bademsi no
create_inbounds_tmp no
fix_format_err no
fix_bsyname Conflicting declarations of bsyname to cause stack underflow no debian
fix_misc no
md_scripts no
reproducible_build Chris Lamb <> no 2016-07-17

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