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Status for ignition-common/4.7.0+ds2-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001_use_system_gtest.patch Use system packaged gtest "" <> no 2021-10-14
0002_disable_gui_test.patch Disable tests that require a GUI Jose Luis Rivero <> no 2023-08-10
0004-Disable-failing-tests-due-to-copyrighted-files.patch Disable failing tests due to copyrighted files "" <> no 2020-04-13
0005-Use-system-tinyobjloader.patch Use system tinyobjloader Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2020-04-20
0003-Disable-performance-test.patch Disable performance testing Flaky in Debian infrastructure Jose Luis Rivero <> not-needed 2021-11-17
0006-uint-header-missing.patch Need cstdint header to build with gcc++13
diff --git a/profiler/src/ProfilerImpl.hh b/profiler/src/ProfilerImpl.hh
index 82d3ddad..02d4a376 100644
Jose Luis Rivero <> yes 2023-08-10

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