Debian Patches

Status for igv/2.16.0+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
gradle_dependencies.patch Adapting gradle build files to Debian environment Coordinates of Debian libraries are indicated.
Also omitting all the modules stuff.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-08-12
skip_tests_network.patch ignoring build-time tests that require network access Also excluding all test classes extending AbstractHeadlessTest, as this class
systematically looks for data on the Internet.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-12-21
using_home_made_icons.patch using free icons to replace the non-free ones Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-08-23
old_gradle_name.patch in Debian-packaged gradle, archiveFileName does not exist, using archiveName instead. Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-12-20
jide_dependency.patch jide dependency has been omitted from build.gradle by upstream because it is not in Maven Central anymore.
We provide Debian coordinated instead.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-12-21
omit_aws_stuff.patch patching to build without AWS support Because the Amazon SDK is not packaged, we get rid of the classes that need
it. We also cannot use JWTParser, which has a non DFSG-free license.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-12-21
omit_spark_in_tests.patch omitting Spark in the tests, as the needed libraries are not packaged in Debian. Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-12-21
dont_parse_glat_output_in_tests.patch ignoring tests that cannot run anymore, as we have removed files they used from the source tarball. Yet the tests were passing when the files
were present.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2021-12-23
wrong_override.patch the @Override annotation is wrong because the Debian-packaged htsjdk is (at the moment) older than the one upstream relies on. Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2022-08-29

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