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Status for input-utils/1.0-1.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
features/exclude-libm.diff do not link against libm
libm is not needed for the build, so avoid unnecessary reference.
Marcus Better <> no
features/stdout-not-stderr.diff informational messages should go to stdout, only errors to stderr Steve Langasek <> no
debian/remove-input-send-recv.diff do not build input-send and input-recv
These programs have limited usefulness and have been left out.
Marcus Better <> no
features/fix-input-events-manpage-title.diff fix incorrect man page title for input-events Marcus Better <> no debian
features/fix-kbdmap-off-by-one.diff fix off-by-one error in input-kbd Marcus Better <> no debian
features/lsinput-ignore-gaps.diff ignore gaps in the input device numbering Tom Lear <> invalid debian vendor,;filename=lsinput.diff;att=1;bug=326149
features/show-numeric-key-values.diff output the numeric value for keycodes in addition to the symbolic name Steve Langasek <> no
features/use-system-input.h.diff use up-to-date input.h from linux-libc-dev Marcus Better <> not-needed debian
fix-ftbfs-echo.patch Fix FTBFS due to -e leaking into Make.config If /bin/sh is configured to point to dash, echo does not support -e switch
which is used by mk/ file to generate Make.config. Use 'env echo'
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <> no debian 2014-07-09

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