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Status for iodine/0.7.0-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
cflags.patch remove from CFLAGS what gets passed by Debian build system gregor herrmann <> no vendor 2014-10-05
verbose-build.patch make build verbose gregor herrmann <> no vendor 2014-10-05
0001-osflags-use-pkg-config-for-systemd-support.patch [PATCH] osflags: use pkg-config for systemd support
Recent versions of systemd don't ship with anymore,
but instead use for everything. This is obviously
problematic for using the same LDFLAGS on old systemd and new systemd.
So, they also ship compatability pkgconfig files, which use the old
names but return the new library. So, the most portable way to support
both old and new systemd is to use pkgconfig. It's not a problem either,
since systems that use systemd are bound to also have pkgconfig
"Jason A. Donenfeld" <> no 2014-07-25
kfreebsd-hurd.patch fix compilation error on kFreeBSD and Hurd gregor herrmann <> yes debian vendor 2014-10-06
cross.patch Fix cross compilation src/osflags hard codes the build architecture pkg-config. After making it
substitutable and substituting it from the build environment, iodine cross
builds successfully.
Helmut Grohne <> yes debian upstream vendor 2019-08-04
addrconfig.patch Disable AI_ADDRCONFIG Cf. #952740 gregor herrmann <> not-needed vendor 2020-07-12

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