Debian Patches

Status for jabref/3.8.2+ds-17

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
001_koppor_debian.patch Debian-specific patches from koppor/debian_3.8.1 Oliver Kopp <> not-needed
010_gradle_build.patch patch upstream build system for building on Debian tony mancill <> not-needed 2020-07-17
020_disable_automatic_upgrade_check.patch disable automatic phone-home version check tony mancill <> not-needed
030_xjc.patch xjc ant task needs jaxb-impl on the classpath tony mancill <> not-needed
050_unirest_json.patch patch for building against libunirest-java using android-json tony mancill <> not-needed
060_0664_perms.patch newly created libraries are created with mode 664 Siedlerchr <> not-needed debian
070_jdk9_swing.patch Add JDK9 swing patch tony mancill <> no vendor
080_jdk11_jaxb.patch patch build.gradle to compile using jaxb-api tony mancill <> no vendor
090_mariadb.patch update jabref to use mariadb driver for MySQL connections tony mancill <> not-needed
100_CVE-2018-1000652_XXE-vulnerability.patch [PATCH] Fix importer vulnerability (#4240)
* Fix importer vulnerability
Fixed issue #4229 where importer was vulnerable to XXE attacks by
disabling DTDs along with adding warning to logger if features are
unavailable. fixes #4229
Nick <> yes upstream 2018-07-30 [PATCH 1/4] Fix DOI resolving by using https Siedlerchr <> no 2020-05-04
jsoup-1.14.2.patch jsoup 1.14.2
Compatibility patch for jsoup 1.14.2
Markus Koschany <> no 2021-09-10

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