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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
unusedResultPedantry.diff Fix several compiler warnings
This patch has some harmless compiler warnings, and one potential truncated file,
which may potentially do nasty things elsewhere if left unchecked.

diff --git a/pbmtools/pbmtojbg.c b/pbmtools/pbmtojbg.c
index 90c4581..6c74430 100644
Colin Watson <> no
manpageTypo.diff Trivial typoFixes trivial typo in pbmtojbg (keeps lintian quiet(er)) Michael van der Kolff <> no
debbug-969593.diff jbg_newlen(): check for end-of-file within MARKER_NEWLEN

reported by Casper Sun
Markus Kuhn <> no 2021-02-15
fixup-testsuite.diff Parallelise the test suite by untangling the instances from each other. Michael van der Kolff <> no
improve-upstream-Makefiles.diff Improve upstream Makefiles
* Add install target
* Build shared library
* Link binaries against shared library
* Add missing $(LDFLAGS) for hardening flags
* Use $(AR) for cross-compilation and options s to avoid ranlib usage
* Add additional generated files to clean target
* Adjust LD_LIBRARY_PATH for tests, since they are now dynamically
=?utf-8?q?Christian_G=C3=B6ttsche?= <> no 2022-10-05
create-testdata.diff no
pic-so.diff no

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