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Status for jdupes/1.27.3-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
010_fix-FTBFS-Hurd.patch declare PATH_MAX for Hurd=================================================================== Joao Eriberto Mota Filho <> yes 2023-08-29
020_fix-data-loss.patch fix potential data loss The help option for jdupes says:
-d --delete: prompt user for files to preserve and delete all
others; [...]
Using the command 'jdupes -d .', a prompt will appear:
Set 1 of 1: keep which files? (1 - 5, [a]ll, [n]one, [l]ink all, [s]ymlink all):
It is a mistake to set 2-4 because the jdupes considers one file
only. Setting '2-4', the file 2 will be kept and the files 3 and 4
will be deleted. The sentence 'keep which files? (1 - 5' induces
the users to use a range and it is not valid. Currently, jdupes is
not denying this behaviour and it is generating a data loss.
This patch fixes this issue.
Jody Bruchon <> no debian 2023-10-19
030_fix-crash-database.patch fix a possible crash of the database fixes a bug in the hash database feature where the database is
destroyed if there is any write failure, i.e. no free space left.
Jody Bruchon <> no 2023-11-10

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