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Status for jekyll/4.3.2+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Replace-git-execution-from-gemspec.patch Replace git execution from gemspec Youhei SASAKI <> not-needed 2018-02-08
0002-Drop-minitest-profile.patch Drop minitest-profile Youhei SASAKI <> not-needed 2018-02-08
0003-Remove-relative-LOAD_PATH.patch Remove relative LOAD_PATH Youhei SASAKI <> not-needed 2018-02-08
0004_skip_test_autopkgtest.patch skip a test failing in autopkgtest Daniel Leidert <> not-needed 2020-04-25
0016-skip-test-requiring-network-access.patch The builders don't have internet access; skip the test needing it Simon Quigley <> not-needed debian 2018-09-10
0006-test_new_command-test_configuration-fix-test-that-fa.patch test_new_command, test_configuration: fix test that fails under autopkgtest Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-01-20
0019-Compare-lists-ignoring-the-order.patch Compare lists ignoring the order
Fix reprotest run of Jekyll:
Daniel Leidert <> not-needed 2020-01-08
0020-Skip-test-theme-tests.patch Skip test-theme tests
This test fails. All other test-theme related tests have already been disabled.
Daniel Leidert <> not-needed 2020-01-13
0023-drop-custom-profile-simplecov.patch Drop custom profile simplecov
This custom profile somehow interfers with the tests and leads to errors.
Worse the errors are not shown. So drop it.
Daniel Leidert <> not-needed 2020-04-25
0025-skip-plugin-tests-requiring-bundler.patch Skip tests requiring bundler Fabio Valentini <> no 2020-04-27
0026-disable-kramdown-syntax-coderay-tests.patch kramdown-syntax-coderay is not packaged Pirate Praveen <> not-needed 2020-09-05
0012-Add-support-for-liquid-5.patch Add support for liquid 5
Squashed commit of the following:

commit 9a7d79a25443c8cf9d8f382710808b76c16c2c5c

liquid 5 support: be flexible when reading registers

Before Liquid 5.4, context.registers are good old plain Hash.
After Liquid 5.4, context.registers is_a Liquid::Registers

commit 3b7316ee9f01290484050a7880c5af899d2d2396

Fix tests to pass with liquid 4 or liquid <= 5.3

We need to disable liquid-5.4 and liquid-c to have the tests pass

commit f48780b3e158b072e4342497f427cd11dbb4919b

Load monkey-patch after loading liquid-c

commit c8cc8dd9fd5a7f11e6fb63a90da1ec7c0e2c85cc

Filter ENV with empty strings

commit cb802033f67c9f1119bee3312fdcbb46bd4786df

Support Liquid v4 nd v5

Changes wrt at 22961f5:

- jekyll.gemspec: bump liquid upper bound to < 6
Ashwin Maroli <> no 2022-04-17
0013-Skip-failing-tests.patch Skip failing tests
Did not have time to investigate why exactly those fail
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-01-20
0014-test-test_plugin_manager.rb-skip-test-that-requires-.patch test/test_plugin_manager.rb: skip test that requires very specific package versions Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-01-20
0015-jekyll-new-don-t-install-stuff-from-the-internet.patch jekyll new: don't install stuff from the internet
This is already done in `rails new`, and avoids surprises for Debian
users who are not expecting software provided by Debian to install
software from the internet without explicit consent. If the user knows
what tehey are doing, and _wants_ to install stuff from the internet,
they can always just run `bundle` manually.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-01-20
0016-Drop-usage-of-safe_yaml.patch Drop usage of safe_yaml
Squashed commit of the following:

commit 9e8b06e55afab8da1bb134a9f5362f403c82f05b

Move YAML loading into Utils

commit a91a88119e4b77fff26812384970bbb0b7f1be31

Support older Psych versions

commit b0526242dff12fa4e95ddc0b67efdb73144fb517

Use Psych as YAML parser

commit 5afe0f5acbc4cb9880bd2c752f45f39ba4f62835

Enable YAML aliases

Additional changes:
- Also make the replacement of SafeYAML in lib/jekyll/commands/serve.rb
Sbastien Villemot <> no 2023-08-30
0017-Revert-test-changes-meant-for-jekyll-sass-converter-.patch Revert test changes meant for jekyll-sass-converter 3.x
We do not have that in Debian yet.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2023-08-30

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