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jglobus-DERObjectIdentifier-is-obsolete.patch [PATCH] DERObjectIdentifier is obsolete Mattias Ellert <> no 2015-06-17
jglobus-dont-force-SSLv3.patch [PATCH] in MyProxy.bootstrapTrust(), don't force SSLv3, so TLS is used by default and there are no compatibility problems with MyProxy servers
that don't support SSLv3
Jim Basney <> no 2014-10-28
jglobus-key-usage.patch [PATCH] Relax proxy validation to be RFC-3820 compliant

Nothing in RFC-3820 states that an X.509 proxy certificate cannot assert
KeyUsage; however, such certificates are currently rejected by JGlobus.
This discrepency is likely due to code developed against a draft version
of the RFC and not subsequently updated, but it is certainly preventing
the adoption of RFC proxies as some CAs assert NON_REPUDIATION as a


Update proxy certificate validation so that certificates that assert


RFC-3820 compliant proxies that assert KeyUsage should now be accepted.

Closes jglobus/JGlobus#160
Paul Millar <> no 2017-01-10
jglobus-javadoc.patch [PATCH] Javadoc fixes Mattias Ellert <> no 2017-07-03
jglobus-do-not-accumulate-matches-in-GlobusPathMatchingResou.patch [PATCH] Do not accumulate matches in GlobusPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver (#157)

* Do not accumulate matches in GlobusPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver

Multiple calls to getResources() in GlobusPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver
are not expected to accumulate results. Allocate a new
pathsMatchingLocationPattern Vector for each call.

* Remove private class variable pathsMatchingLocationPattern from GlobusPathMatchingResourcePatternResolver

Pass the variable as a function argument instead
jthiltges <> no 2016-06-03
jglobus-do-not-force-SSLv3-TLSv1-allow-TLSv1.1-TLSv1.2.patch [PATCH] Do not force SSLv3/TLSv1 - allow TLSv1.1/TLSv1.2 Mattias Ellert <> no 2018-10-30
jglobus-remove-synchronization-on-CRL-in-CRLChecker.patch [PATCH] Remove synchronization on CRL in CRLChecker

Versions of BouncyCastle prior to 1.46 had a race in LazyDERSequence. To
avoid that race, CRLChecker synchronized on the CRL. This leads to lock
contention. After upgrading to BouncyCastle 1.46 this workaround is no
longer needed.


Remove the synchronization on the CRL.


Reduced lock contention leads to higher request throughput.
Gerd Behrmann <> no 2015-06-03
jglobus-support-PKCS8-key-format.patch [PATCH] workaround to support SL6 openssl default PKCS8 key format Petr Vokac <> no 2014-09-22
jglobus-only-allow-TLSv1-and-TLSv1.2-not-TLSv1.1.patch [PATCH 1/2] Only allow TLSv1 and TLSv1.2 (not TLSv1.1) Mattias Ellert <> no 2018-11-12
jglobus-remove-unused-FORCE_SSLV3_AND_CONSTRAIN_CIPHERSUITES.patch [PATCH 2/2] Remove unused FORCE_SSLV3_AND_CONSTRAIN_CIPHERSUITES_FOR_GRAM option This has not been in
use since commit c9eeba1 (Jan 2011)
Mattias Ellert <> no 2018-11-12
jglobus-adapt-to-changes-in-PrivateKeyInfo-class.patch [PATCH] Adapt to changes in PrivateKeyInfo class Mattias Ellert <> no 2019-02-08
jglobus-java-version.patch diff -ur JGlobus-JGlobus-Release-2.1.0.orig/pom.xml JGlobus-JGlobus-Release-2.1.0/pom.xml no
jglobus-DERInteger-is-obsolete.patch [PATCH 1/2] DERInteger is obsolete Mattias Ellert <> no 2020-11-10
jglobus-DEROutputStream-is-private.patch [PATCH 2/2] DEROutputStream is private Mattias Ellert <> no 2020-11-10
jglobus-constructor-not-public.patch [PATCH] ASN1OutputStream constructor is private - use create() method Mattias Ellert <> no 2021-12-20
jglobus-DERBoolean-is-obsolete.patch [PATCH] DERBoolean is obsolete Mattias Ellert <> no 2023-12-06
jglobus-DERTaggedObject.getObject-was-removed-use-.getInstan.patch [PATCH] DERTaggedObject.getObject() was removed - use .getInstance() instead Mattias Ellert <> no 2023-12-06
jglobus-Reformat-package.html-file.patch [PATCH] Reformat package.html file
Due to the bad formatting, the file looks machine generated.
Prevent lintian from complaining about file with missing source.
Mattias Ellert <> no 2023-12-06

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