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button_list_segfault.patch Fix a segfault when parsing options to -buttons
joy2key segfaults when reading the list of keystrokes to associate with
buttons. This is a regression from 1.6.1 and this patch simply reverts
the offending line to that earlier version. I have verified that, with
the patch applied, all buttons on the joystick are usable and all buttons
listed on the command line are processed appropriately.

Jonathan Niehof <> yes upstream 2009-12-06
home_not_set_segfault.patch Fix segfault if $HOME not set and -config passed Jonathan Niehof <> yes debian 2013-07-13
fix_manpage_typo.patch fix typo in manpage spotted by lintian Cleans lintian I: typo-in-manual-page retrive retrieve

diff --git a/joy2key.1 b/joy2key.1
index 6ed76a7..10959cd 100644
Ricardo Mones <> no 2022-04-17

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