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Status for jq/1.7.1-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
patch-version-into-build.patch Set release version manually.
jq sets the build version by parsing the git branch. There is no git branch during
package building however. This patch sets the version manually. The version can be
looked up using `git describe --tags --match 'upstream*' | sed 's/^upstream\///'`.
=?utf-8?b?IkNoYW5nWmh1byBDaGVuICjpmbPmmIzlgKwpIg==?= yes upstream 2014-06-21
dont-distribute-duplicate-docs.patch Do not distribute COPYING, fixes lintian warning =?utf-8?b?IkNoYW5nWmh1byBDaGVuICjpmbPmmIzlgKwpIg==?= not-needed 2015-10-11
0008-Do-not-use-venderized-oniguruma.patch Do not use venderized oniguruma =?utf-8?b?IkNoYW5nWmh1byBDaGVuICjpmbPmmIzlgKwpIg==?= no 2018-11-04
disable-static-libtool.patch Ensure jq doesn't statically link in libraries Harlan Lieberman-Berg <> not-needed 2018-11-04
0006-Do-not-use-pipenv-to-build-docs.patch Do not use pipenv to build docs =?utf-8?b?IkNoYW5nWmh1byBDaGVuICjpmbPmmIzlgKwpIg==?= no 2023-09-13
libtool.patch no

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