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Status for jshon/20131010-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
remove_werror # From: Jordan Metzmeier <>
# Subject: Remove -Werror from compilation since it FTBS
# on newer versions of GCC
manpage_fixes # From: Jordan Metzmeier <>
# Subject: Fix macro errors in manpage and convert hyphens to minus signs.
# Hypens can cause issues with copy and pasting examples from the manpage
manpage_add_example # From: Jordan Metzmeier <>
# Subject: Add an example of how jshon can be used to create JSON
# The description of jshon includes it's ability to create JSON. Examples
# of how to do this were not present in any of the documentation
fix_segfault_nonexistent_file # From: Jordan Metzmeier <>
# Subject: Fix segfault when -F is a file that does not exist
# When -F is passed a file that does not exist, jshon was attempting to
# read from a null pointer. This patch checks the pointer to make sure it
# is not null. If it is, it will print an error to stderr and exit

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