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makefile no
pg12 commit b96ef6d7205e20fa508dd5c73761adf380b73643

Support for 12 pgsql. Only test was changed: 12 version has new operator
jsonb @@ jsonpath which conflicts (in tests) with jsonb @@ jsquery. So,
add explicit cast in tests.

diff --git a/expected/jsquery.out b/expected/jsquery.out
index 7a06abb..6767433 100644
Teodor Sigaev <> no 2019-09-18
bison3.7 no
e45ff3833c4d022b8c055b90a7b254c1038d5f6b commit e45ff3833c4d022b8c055b90a7b254c1038d5f6b

PGPRO-6864: do not use the function pg_atoi if possible

In PostgreSQL version 12 or higher it's more effecient to use the function
pg_strtoint32 instead (see the commit 86eaf208ea048936df6be77276a246d3f92e9620).
And in PostgreSQL 15 the function pg_atoi was removed altogether (see the commit
73508475d69e90f98ebd9b7e1a5933a26a49c5e9). Therefore if possible use the
function pg_strtoint32 instead.

diff --git a/jsquery_gram.y b/jsquery_gram.y
index 21bcfb0..84621e1 100644
Marina Polyakova <> no 2022-06-29

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