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jts-core-jar,patch Change packaging type to jar. Bas Couwenberg <> not-needed
json-simple-3.patch Migrate away from deprecated json-simple 1.x classes See json-simple 2.0.0 changelog:
> * Deprecated JSONParse and JSONValue in favor of Jsoner.
> * Deprecated JSONStreamAware and JSONAware in favor of Jsonable.
> * Deprecated JSONObject in favor of JsonObject.
> * Deprecated JSONArray in favor of JsonArray.
This patch uses the new json-simple Json* classes. It is compatible with
both 2.x and 3.x json-simple releases, with a few ajustments regarding
backward incompatible changes in json-simple 3.x:
- The package name, changed to com.github.cliftonlabs.json_simple
- The exception DeserializationExcetpion renamed as JsonException
These two changes are handled using place-holders @JSON_SIMPLE_PACKAGE@
and @JSON_EXCEPTION@ which are substituted at build time by debian/rules.
With these tricks the package is compatible with json-simple 2.x and 3.x.
Gilles Filippini <> not-needed debian
build-tools.patch Don't build build-tools module. Bas Couwenberg <> not-needed

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