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Status for jxrlib/1.2~git20170615.f752187-5.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
usecmake.patch Prefer a cmake based build system
Mathieu Malaterre <> yes
typos.patch Fix typos and remove some warnings
Mathieu Malaterre <> no
cp1251.patch Convert some national-encoding file to utf-8 W: libjxr-dev: national-encoding usr/include/jxrlib/wmsal.h
% iconv -f CP1251 -t UTF-8 input.h -o input.h

Mathieu Malaterre <> not-needed 2021-11-26
bug771912.patch Document PNM output Mathieu Malaterre <> yes debian 2021-11-26
bug803743.patch libjxr-dev: Missing pkgconfig file
Mathieu Malaterre <> no debian 2021-11-26
bump_version.patch Version is 1.2 Mathieu Malaterre <> not-needed 2021-11-26
pkg-config.patch Incorrect path to include directory in pkg-config (libjxr.pc) The pkg-config file for libjxr contains incorrect paths to the headers: it
refers to paths used by the upstream Makefile (sub-directories of
/usr/include/libjxr) whereas the Debian package actually installs the headers
directly into a different directory (/usr/include/jxrlib). Therefore,
packages that depend on jxrlib via the pkg-config file fail to build.
Original patch did not apply cleanly, rework it (malat)

Yann Leprince <> no 2022-01-28
pie.patch lintian hardening-no-bindnow Mathieu Malaterre <> not-needed 2022-01-28
082bb032be1f6c75173bf603252e4f37bfded9fa.patch [PATCH] Use mkstemp instead of tmpnam
tmpnam isn't threadsafe and shouldn't be used. Fixes compiler warning:
Milian Wolff <> no 2021-06-07
31df7f88539b77d46ebf408b6a215930ae63bbdd.patch [PATCH] Fix memory leaks when handling OOM scenario
If the second or third allocation failed, the code would leak
the first and/or secon allocation. Free all buffers if we return
early to prevent this.
Milian Wolff <> no 2021-06-07
a684f95783f2f81bd13bf1f8b03ceb12aa87d661.patch [PATCH] fix undefined behavior for left-shift of -1
My hunch is that (-1 << 31) tries to build INT_MIN, so use that
directly. Compare:

1 << 31 = 2147483648
INT_MIN = -2147483648
Milian Wolff <> no 2021-06-07
ab9c6b78b7ad3205bdb91ef725b09ddbe3c8945d.patch [PATCH] fix warnings about unaligned loads from UBSAN
Use memcpy instead to ensure that we don't get warnings about
unaligned loads from UBSAN:

../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/segdec.c:66:12: runtime error: load of misaligned address 0x7fc3a0544006 for type 'U32', which requires 4 byte alignment
0x7fc3a0544006: note: pointer points here
01 01 a5 c0 b0 7c 0a 06 05 00 0c 14 10 c2 c0 30 80 38 72 41 ae 1a 8f 54 26 c2 9e f6 c1 25 a9 65
#0 0x7fc3e137429a in _load4 ../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/segdec.c:66
#1 0x7fc3e13748b8 in _flushBit16 ../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/segdec.c:80
#2 0x7fc3e13749a6 in _getBit16 ../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/segdec.c:86
#3 0x7fc3e1385d75 in DecodeMacroblockDC ../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/segdec.c:1224
#4 0x7fc3e131924a in processMacroblockDec ../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/strdec.c:412
#5 0x7fc3e137207a in ImageStrDecDecode ../3rdParty/jxrlib/image/decode/strdec.c:4003
#6 0x7fc3e126c0b2 in PKImageDecode_Copy_WMP ../3rdParty/jxrlib/jxrgluelib/JXRGlueJxr.c:1874
Milian Wolff <> no 2021-06-07

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