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Status for kakoune/2022.10.31-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-typos.patch Correct some typographical and grammatical errors. Peter Pentchev <> no 2023-01-07
03-readme.patch Render the README file as plain text. Suggested by: Adam Borowski <> Peter Pentchev <> no 2018-12-16
04-path-max.patch Define PATH_MAX to 1024 on e.g. the GNU Hurd. Peter Pentchev <> no 2017-01-04
05-kfreebsd.patch Also detect Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Peter Pentchev <> no 2021-08-19
07-readme-listing.patch Make sure a listing block is recognized as such. Peter Pentchev <> no 2018-12-16
08-optimize.patch Do not invoke the compiler with -O0. Even though we build kakoune in its "debug" mode to generate
debug symbols, we do not want its build infrastructure to
override the compiler flags set by dpkg-buildpackage in
accordance to way the Debian package is being built.
Disabling the compiler optimizations also has the unfortunate
side effect of disabling the build harderning, so we really
do not want it to happen.
Peter Pentchev <> not-needed 2020-04-28
09-gcc-13.patch Fix build using GCC 13.1 The <functional> header was missing and the "hash.hh" was not used. Adri Arrufat <> no debian upstream, 2023-06-16
10-gcc-13-warnings.patch Fix warnings with gcc-13
diff --git a/src/ b/src/
index f2cb1c33..4d659acd 100644
Maxime Coste <> no debian upstream, 2023-06-16
11-gcc-13-types.patch Fix new gcc errors for missing types. Errors when building with gcc 13:
ranked_match.hh:10:21: error: uint64_t does not name a type
10 | using UsedLetters = uint64_t;
| ^~~~~~~~

diff --git a/src/keys.hh b/src/keys.hh
index 0af1a5a8..ccafe336 100644
ioh <> no debian upstream, 2023-06-16

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