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Status for keras/2.3.1+dfsg2-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0004-Exclude-docs-from-built-modules.patch Exclude docs from built modules. Stephen Sinclair <> no 2018-06-11
0001-Change-external-img-tag-urls-to-local-files.patch Change external img tag urls to local files. Stephen Sinclair <> no 2017-11-07
0002-Make-docs-browsable-by-setting-use_directory_urls-fa.patch Make docs browsable by setting use_directory_urls=false. Stephen Sinclair <> no 2017-11-07
0003-Remove-Google-Analystics-reference-privacy-policy.patch Remove Google Analystics reference, privacy policy Stephen Sinclair <> no 2017-11-20
0005-Change-default-backend-to-theano.patch Change default backend to theano Change default backend to theano.
0006-Selu-test-tolerance.patch Selu test tolerance Increase tolerance for
diff --git a/tests/keras/ b/tests/keras/
index 4c0bb36..c4cbe4f 100644
0007-h5py-mode-write.patch Specify file mode when opening in-memory files.
Fixes a test regression for python3-h5py 2.10.0-8.
Stephen Sinclair <> no 2020-06-24
0008-do-not-use-is-with-literals Do not use is with literals
Fixes a SyntaxWarning introduced in Python 3.8.
Stephen Sinclair <> no 2020-07-02
0009-collections-abc-iterable-mapping.patch Update import of Iterable and Mapping from collections to

diff --git a/keras/callbacks/ b/keras/callbacks/
index dabd277..07a78da 100644
Stephen Sinclair <> no 2022-09-15
0010-decode-h5py-strings-not-necessary.patch Update usage of strings for recent changes to h5py API. Stephen Sinclair <> no 2022-09-16

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