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Status for keyutils/1.6.3-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
cflags.patch Avoid setting Intel Architecture specific CFLAGS Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <> not-needed debian 2014-05-18
hardening.patch Use build flags from environment (dpkg-buildflags)
Necessary for hardening flags. Also strip -pie/-fPIE from CFLAGS/LDFLAGS when
used to link libraries. It conflicts with -fPIC.
Simon Ruderich <> not-needed debian 2014-05-18
Debian-specific-kernel-feature-tests.patch Debian-specific kernel feature tests
Upstream assumes features based on the kernel version, but some of these
features aren't available in the Debian kernel, or were only enabled at a later
point. Also, the release number comparison used by upstream breaks with sid's
non-numeric release number of "unstable".

This adjust the feature tests to reflect Debian's kernels:
* Drop $OSRELEASE tests
* Drop ancient RedHat-specific test
* Debian's kernel generally lacks CONFIG_BIG_KEYS
* Debian's kernel has CONFIG_KEY_DH_OPERATIONS since 4.19~exp1
Christian Kastner <> not-needed 2019-02-20
Make-build-reproducible.patch Make build reproducible
Make the build reproducible by making it possible to set the build date,
instead of embedding the current date.
Christian Kastner <> not-needed 2015-10-07
pkg-config-install-tweaks.patch pkg-config install tweaks Christian Kastner <> invalid 2019-02-09
man-page-fixes.patch man page fixes Christian Kastner <> invalid 2019-02-09
Tests-for-KEYCTL_MOVE-require-kernel-5.3-or-above.patch Tests for KEYCTL_MOVE require kernel 5.3 or above Christian Kastner <> no 2020-02-10
Mark-test-requiring-root-as-such.patch Mark test requiring root as such Christian Kastner <> no 2022-06-19

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