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Status for kicad/6.0.11+dfsg-1

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fixes/Adjusting-content-in-the-desktop-files.patch Adjusting content in the desktop-files
Almost only extending / modifying the 'Keyword' values to catch up more
Georges Khaznadar <> no 2016-09-03
porting-kfreebsd-hurd/Fix-FTBFS-on-kFreeBSD-and-Hurd.patch Fix FTBFS on kFreeBSD and Hurd
The modification should allow the package to be built on new platforms:
hurd and *freebsd.
Georges Khaznadar <> no 2016-09-03
reproducibility/add-field-revdate-to-asciidoc-files-of-documentation.patch add field 'revdate' to asciidoc files of documentation
For reproducibility we need to set up a date that's not depending on the
current time and timezone. We add a extra asciidoc control field
'revdate' and expand the variable behind that while building the package
with the date from the changelog file.
Carsten Schoenert <> no 2016-10-13
fixes/Fix-dblatex-options-within-cmake-file.patch Fix dblatex options within cmake file
The logic for setting the options for dblatex on the various languages
wasn't correct. The default option need to be set to an empty string
which is expanded with the additional needed options later, otherwise
previously added options won't get forgotten within the configuration
run for the next language.
Eugene Kilachkoff <> no 2019-04-29

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