Debian Patches

Status for kotlin/1.3.31+ds1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
018-core-deserialization-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch core/deserializtaion: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
019-core-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch core/*: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-23
020-compiler-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
021-compiler-container-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/container: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
022-compiler-plugin-api-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/plugin-api: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
023-compiler-psi-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/psi: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
024-compiler-util-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/util: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
025-compiler-frontend-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/frontend: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
026-compiler-resolution-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/resolution: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
027-compiler-frontend-common-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/frontend.common: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
028-compiler-compiler-runner-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/compiler-runner: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-11
043-libraries-groovy-build-changes.patch libraries/*: Groovy build changes Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2021-04-22
044-gralde-versions-cvonert-kts-to-groovy.patch gradle/versions: Convert kts to groovy Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2020-05-23
045-js-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch js/*: convert kts to groovy Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2020-05-23
046-konan-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch konan: convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-11
061-asm-compatibility.patch Fixes the compatibility with the version of ASM in Debian Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
063-ignore-not-exported-packages.patch Suppresses the errors caused by the non exported* packages when building with Java 17 Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
064-source-target-level.patch Set the language level to Java 8 Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
009-prepare-android-lint-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch prepare/android-lint: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-20
010-prepare-build-version-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch prepare/build.version: Convert kts to groovy
Replaces check() with assert() converts repalceRange to replaceFirst since
replaceRange is not supported in groovy. Replaces """ strings with / strings,
translated how tasks are created, changed vals to defs and ext, created
configurations using configurations.create(name) instead of by configurations.
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
011-prepare-compiler-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch prepare/compiler: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-23
012-prepare-compiler-embeddable-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch prepare/compiler-embeddable: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-09
013-prepare-android-extensions-compiler-gradle-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch prepare//android-extensions-compiler-gradle: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-20
014-core-builtins-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch core/builtins: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
015-core-util-runtime-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch core/util.runtime: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
016-core-descriptors-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch core/descriptors: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
017-core-metadata-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch core/metadata: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-21
001-prepare-buildsrc-for-kts-to-groovy-conversion.patch buildsrc: Prepare for kts to groovy conversion
buildsrc contains methods needed by the build system. Convert these methods to
be suitable for use in Groovy scripts.

Replace org.gradle.api.plugins.extenssions.configure(Block) in kotlin dsl with

- Translate JbCacheRedirectorKt.repositories with Redirector method

- Translate getConfiguredJdks

- Make setCurrentIde a static method of IdeCompatibilityDslKt since groovy
cannot understand "object" keyword and hence cant use functions defined in
object IdeVersionConfigurator.

- Create new method getBooleanPropertyFromProject which inturn calls
getBooleanProperty so that build.gradle may use it.

- Create new method getBooleanPropertyFromProject

- Create new method getAsmVersion to act as a buffer between Platform.orHigher
and build.gradle.

- Make intellijSdkRepo not an extenson function so that it works
with groovy build.gradle.

- Add an intermediatory method to get protobufrepo

- Update cacheRedirectorEnabled and redirect method signatures so that they work
with build.gradle.

- Add intermediatory methods to get intellij dependencies

- Change runtimeJar method which returns a Jar task by introducing
intermediatory methods which are called from the buildscripts.

- Add method to use as intermediatery for ProjectTests. Overloaded
customCommonDep. Create an intermediatory method for

- Add intermediate methods for
- Static method for enum class Ide, for the method Ide.IJ()
- project.projectTest and also for project.generator
- Project.androidDxJar
- ModuleDependency.includeJars
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-18
002-remove-files-unnecessary-for-building-in-a-distribution.patch buildsrc: Remove files unnecessary for building in a distribution Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-23
003-root-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch root: Convert kts to groovy
- Added/Updated methods in buil.gradle kotlinjvmcompile, tasks.create. Translate
allproject{afterEvaluate} and task.withtype(kotlinjvmcompile), convert foreach
and listof keywords to each and [] respectively. Updates the name of
configureJvmProject to configureJvmProjectRoot in root project as it was
conflicted, also change distDir to String to avoid GStringImpl cannot be cast
to java.lang.String error in subprojects, and change task declaration from
tasks{create(){}} to tasks.create.

- Update configuring idea plugin. Configuring idea plugin by
configure(IdeaModel){} to idea{}. Add a few fixes like referencing methods
properly with project.method instead of using them as ext.method.

- Removes cyclic dependencies and corrects configureJvmProjectRoot. Updates
cylic dependencies caused by children task list, and corrects the translation of

- Change the version to build to one determined by project property. Converted a
build script configurations file to groovy. Hardcoded the javahome and jdk
paths, downgraded the project to gradle 4.4.1. Removed dependency on dokka,
plugin-publish-plugin and added dependency on jflex and libproguard-java. kotlin
stdlib 1.3.30-eap-28 instead of kotlin-stdlib 1.2.50. Added
debian/maven-repo-cache as a maven repo.
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-18
004-settings-gradle-remove-unwanted-subprojects.patch settings.gradle: Remove unwanted sub-projects Samyak Jain <> not-needed
005-gradle-properties-force-use-of-openjdk-8.patch Force use of openjdk-8
Force the project to use java-8 as its java_home.
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-23
006-buildsrc-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch buildsrc: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2021-04-22
007-buildsrc-make-compatible-to-build-with-gradle.patch buildsrc: Make compatible to build with gradle
Added an intermediatory method for pill configuration. Add various dependencies
org.jdom:jdom2:2.0.6. Update from jengelmanshow to vavr. Removes
org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.task, and xml files.
Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2020-05-23
008-generators-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch generators: Convert kts to groovy
- Use intermediatory methods for projectTests, intellijDep, projectTest,
includeJar and projectDefaults. Change task to def.
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-20
029-compiler-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch compiler/*: Convert kts to groovy
Sub-projects converted:

- compiler/backend-common
- compiler/backend
- compiler/cli
- compiler/cli/cli-common
- compiler/cli/cli-runner
- compiler/compiler-runner
- compiler/daemon/daemon-client
- compiler/daemon/daemon-common
- compiler/
- compiler/frontend.script
- compiler/incremental-compilation-impl
- compiler/ir/ir.psi2ir
- compiler/ir/backend.js
- compiler/ir/backend.js
- compiler/ir/backend.jvm
- compiler/ir/backend.common
- compiler/ir
- compiler/light-classes
- compiler/preloader
- compiler/serialization
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-22
030-plugins-allopen-ide-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch plugins//allopen-ide: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-20
031-plugins-scripting-cli-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch plugins//scripting-cli: Convert kts to groovy Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2021-04-22
032-plugins-scripting-embeddable-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch plugins//scripting-embeddable: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-11
033-plugins-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch plugins/*: Convert kts to groovy Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2020-05-23
034-ant-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch ant: Convert kts to groovy Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2020-05-23
035-build-common-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch build-common: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-05-23
036-libraries-kotlin-gradle-plugin-model-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries//kotlin-gradle-plugin-model: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2021-04-21
037-libraries-kotlin-gradle-plugin-api-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries//kotlin-gradle-plugin-api: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-11
038-libraries-kotlin-annotation-processing-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries//kotlin-annotation-processing: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2021-04-21
039-libraries-kotlin-gradle-plugin-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries//kotlin-gradle-plugin: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-07-11
040-libraries-kotlinx-metadata-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries/kotlinx-metadata: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-09-25
041-libraries-kotlinx-metadata-jvm-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries/kotlinx-metadata-jvm: Convert kts to groovy Samyak Jain <> no 2020-09-25
042-libraries-convert-kts-to-groovy.patch libraries/*: Convert kts to groovy
Ignore openapi.jar and remove unwanted dependencies. Exclude
org.jetbrains:common since it shares classes with org.jetbrains:annotation.
Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2020-05-23
050-use-a-specific-asm-api-version-to-deal-with-newer-libasm.patch *: Use a specific ASM API version to deal with newer libasm-java
Current version of Kotlin code is meant to work with Java asm library version
7.0. The version available in Debian is 9.0. asm library provides API
compatibility only when the API version is specified during object creation.

Opcodes.ASM9 == OpCodes.ASM7
Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2021-04-22
051-libraries-kotlin-script-util-remove-use-of-mavenresolver.patch libraries//kotlin-script-util: Remove use of MavenResolver Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2021-04-22
052-core-util-runtime-set-kotlin-compiler-version-to-1.3-snapshot.patch core/util.runtime: Set kotlin compiler version to 1.3-SNAPSHOT Samyak Jain <> no 2021-04-22
054-ignore-some-proguard-warnings.patch *: Ignore some proguard warnings Samyak Jain <> no 2021-04-22
055-compiler-backend-remove-some-notnull-annotations.patch compiler/backend: Remove some @NotNull annotations Saif Abdul Cassim <> no 2021-04-22
056-compiler-frontend-use-io-vavr-library-instead-of-javaslang.patch compiler/frontend: Use io.vavr library instead of javaslang Samyak Jain <> no 2021-04-22
057-libraries-kotlin-gradle-plugin-resolve-various-issues.patch libraries//kotlin-gradle-plugin: Resolve various errors
Resolve various version conflicts errors and circular dependencies This resolves
android-gradle-plugin circular dependencies for source, and resolves various
unrefrence errors which was because of gradle circular dependencies (>4.7) the
same various files are backported in gradle (v4.4.1-12).
Samyak Jain <> no 2020-09-04
058-compiler-backend-backport-fix-for-compilation-with-asm-8.patch compiler/backend: Backport fix for compiling with ASM 8

General rule to use linkedLabel or linkWithLabel when label from node is reused
in other instructions. If label is not linked then it will point to another
labelNode when visited
Mikhail Bogdanov <> yes upstream 2020-09-05
059-compiler-backend-fix-crash-when-generating-coroutine-functions.patch compiler/backend: Fix crash when generating coroutine functions

When generating JVM byte code for a coroutine, code is inserted to help stop
the function and continue is later. As part of this a variable with name
'$continuation' is also added. This variable is also added to the local
variable table (LVT). The entry in LVT contains that scope of the variable
represented as a starting label (inclusive) and ending label (exclusive).

Before adding a starting label, the starting label is first created. At the
time of creation of the label and at the time of assing the starting label node
to the variable in LVT, different LabelNode are created. This works in a flaky
way because of a reference (.info) in the label in LVT. It somehow does not
work when compiled in Debian due change in ASM Java library or for other

This patch fixes the problem by using the same LabelNode at the location of the
label and in LVT. This problem was fixed in later versions of Kotlin due to

This patch is not needed upstream due to refactoring done in commit
Sunil Mohan Adapa <> not-needed debian 2021-04-21
060-libraries-alter-maven-build-scripts.patch libraries/: Alter maven build scripts, build only needed sub-projects

- Update the version number so that the generate jar files have the correct
version number. Attempt was made to use ${revision} instead of the hard coded
version number. Then revision was passed on the maven build command line with
-Drevision=1.3.31. However, this yields error with mh_patchpoms tool. So, this
was abandoned.

- Disable all sub-projects except kotlin-osgi-bundle (needed by
jitsi-videobridge) and kotlin-maven-plugin (needed by projects using Kotlin with
Maven). Enable more sub-projects as needed.

- Remove useDefaultManifestFile as this has been removed from 3.0 version of
maven-jar-plugin. According to documentation, another way is provided when
non-default manifest file needs to be provided implying that this option is
default now.
Sunil Mohan Adapa <> not-needed 2021-05-03
065-java9-compatibility.patch [PATCH] Do not depend on BaseFileObject type for incremental KAPT
This class does not exist in JDK9, so running incremental KAPT on
JDK9 fails. Because it is used only to get the name of the file,
this has been replaced with usage of the public JavaFileObject API.
Ivan Gavrilovic <> no 2019-09-23
066-java9-compatibility-2.patch [PATCH] KT-33889: Do not use private non-API methods from JavacProcessingEnvironment

Avoid using JavacProcessingEnvironment.validImportStringToPattern method
because it has been removed in JDK9. This commit changes how we compute
pattern to match the class names, and it create instances of Pattern
manually by following spec for Processor.getSupportedAnnotationTypes().
Support for module prefix is not added yet.
Ivan Gavrilovic <> no 2019-09-23
067-java17-compatibility.patch [PATCH] [KAPT] Add experimental JDK 17 support
#KT-47583 Fixed
Mikhael Bogdanov <> no 2021-08-06
068-pre-jdk9-reflection.patch Use reflection to call pre JDK9 methods. This is required to build with JDK 9 or later Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
069-disable-javac-wrapper.patch Disables the Javac wrapper to be able to build with Java 17 As of Kotlin 1.8.0 the wrapper, which is triggered by the -Xuse-javac
compiler option, is still not compatible with the JDK 17 classes.
Emmanuel Bourg <> yes upstream
070-replace-proguard-with-jarjar.patch Replaces proguard with jarjar to assemble the kotlin-reflect jar. Proguard 6 is unable to parse the classes of OpenJDK 17, and it looks like
Kotlin classes are evicted even if minimization is disabled, which breaks the build.
To be retried with Proguard 7.
Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
071-java8-compatibility.patch Fixes the backward compatibility when running with Java 8 When building with Java 17 the CharSequence.isEmpty() method is used instead of
the extension method added to the CharSequence class by Kotlin. This causes
NoSuchMethodErrors at runtime when Kotlin is used with Java 8.
Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
072-tty-detection-fallback.patch Fall back to another tty detection method if jansi CLibrary isn't available Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed

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