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icamax-izamax-extended-precision.patch Fix i{c,z}amax behavior on any-i386 and m68k On arches with extended precision (any-i386 and m68k), the icamax and izamax
routines must be compiled with -ffloat-store, in order to avoid the extra
precision bits which make the test fails.
The FFLAGS_FLOAT_STORE variable is set by debian/rules.
Sébastien Villemot <> not-needed 2015-12-24
doxygen-downsize.patch Downsize documentation (HTML and manpages) - Set EXTRACT_ALL=no, to avoid generating tons of files containing only doc
- Do not include verbatim source code in Doxygen output (redundant with the
source package).
- Drop the call graphs.
Sébastien Villemot <> not-needed debian 2017-07-04
makefile-blas-remove-dep.patch remove the target dependency in order to avoid unnecessary rebuild that would incur FTBFS. Mo Zhou no 2019-08-28
verbose-tests.patch sed -i -e 's#\(>\)\s*\($@\)\s*\(2>&1\)#\3 | tee \2#g' TESTING/Makefile Make the tests verbose (printing something to the screen) so that they
won't timeout on buildd.
Mo Zhou not-needed 2019-09-13
cblas64-test.patch Fix CBLAS tests with 64-bit indexing This patch replaces all instances of “int” by “CBLAS_INT” in CBLAS/testing/*.c
(except for RowMajorStrg which has must remain an “int”, since it is declared
as such in CBLAS main code).
Interestingly, the bug would not manifest on low endian architectures,
because interpreting an int64_t pointer as an int32_t pointer works there (as
long as the integers fits in 31 bits, which is the case here). But on big
endian architectures, this of course fails badly.
Sébastien Villemot <> yes 2022-11-27

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