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Status for lazarus/2.2.6+dfsg2-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
default_config.diff This patch fixes system wide default Lazarus configuration. It adds the needed
configuration to adapt Lazarus to Debian and makes it running out of the box
without need of any user's pre-configuration.
lcl-with-multple-widget-sets.diff This patch enable building all linux supported LCL widget sets.

drop_carbon_from_Makefiles.patch With carbon stripped from the source tree, we need to strip the carbon dir from the clean targets

Paul Gevers <> no
Fix-case-issue-with-code-help.patch Fixed a bug causing code help to handle only lower case file names.
Abou Al Montacir <> no
fix-fpdoc-crashes-on-lazarus-documentation.patch fpdoc fails to build the documentation leaving the documentation package empty
Mattias Gaertner <> no debian
fix-perl-shbang.patch Debian requires installed perl scripts to shbang perl directly
Paul Gevers <> not-needed
Fix-compilation-of-PascalScript.diff Fix compilation of PascalScript for armel and m68k.=================================================================== Abou Al Montacir <> no
Fixed-end-of-line-for-resource-file.diff Fixed end of line for resource file. The file was in dos format on source and was imported as unix format. Abou Al Montacir <> no
Fixed-allowing-arbitrary-FPPKG-path.patch [PATCH] ide: fppkg: fixed allowing arbitrary paths on non windows mattias <> no
Added-missing-source-file.patch Added missing source file. Lazarus is able to create automatically some source files. However these
files are created at a read only location, which will trigger an error upon
file creation. Temporary workaround is to packages these files so that they
are found when needed. A more longterm solution whould be to generate then
upon build process.
Abou Al Montacir <> not-needed Debian 2022-01-28
Fixed-compilation-of-testsuite-on-armel.patch Fixed compilation of test suite on armel. The crash was due to a source file disabling FPU emulation.
However, on armel, FPU emulation is needed as no hardware FPU
is present.
This patch removed the compiler flag that disabled the FPU emulation.
This should not harm, as on other targets, the compiler will by default use
the hardware FPU.

diff --git a/components/lazreport/source/addons/addfunction/frFuncNum.pas b/components/lazreport/source/addons/addfunction/frFuncNum.pas
index 769a340d..75e9c037 100644
Abou Al Montacir <> no
Fixed-lcl-docs-installation-path.patch Path where LCL docs were installation was wrong.
It contains an extra lcl level which needs to be removed.

diff --git a/docs/html/Makefile b/docs/html/Makefile
index 05875b79..8f28ae7e 100644
Abou Al Montacir <> no

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