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Status for lcdproc/0.5.9-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-hppa-compilation Fix hppa compilation lcdproc fails to build, because it assumes that all hp* platforms
use the ".sl" shared library extension. On the hppa*linux port
we use the standard Linux .so extension though.
This is fixed with attached trivial patch (without breaking HP-UX).
Helge Deller <> invalid debian
tweak-imon-default-value Tweak imon default value 79-lcd-imon.rules is a udev rule to provide a permanent
symlink to the actual device file of imon device
(which proved to be a moving target).
This patch tweaks the default device file on imon to
use this symlink
dod no
tweak-conf tweak lcdproc config for debian patch LCDd.conf to:
* use syslog instead of stderr to show message
* run LCDd as root (to read /dev/lcd* file)
The latter could be done better by tweaking udev rule
dod no
debian-build-kfreebsd Build for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Patch rejected by upstream: "The 'linux' macro set in machine_Linux.c
is set by configure. If you want to detect some system like this
you should fix instead."
Cyril Brulebois <> invalid upstream
fix-menuitem-gcc47 Fix menuitem compile failure with gcc 4.7 Fix compilation failure with gcc 4.7
Markus Dolze invalid upstream
fix-gcc-10 Fix compilation with gcc 10 Tweak source to compile with gcc 10. dod no debian

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