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Status for ledgersmb/1.6.33+ds-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
40_pg14_compat.patch Compensate for a change in function signatures for the "array_cat" and "array_append" functions in PostgreSQL 14 which
causes our schema to fail to load

diff --git a/sql/Pg-database.sql b/sql/Pg-database.sql
index 4b9a210c..46f83334 100644
Erik Huelsmann <> no backport, 2022-04-09
10_lsmb-config.patch Make needed updates for ledgersmb.conf.unbuilt-dojo as well as to ledgesmb.config.default for use by package as needed. Robert James Clay <> no vendor 2019-01-29
15_lsmb-service.patch Set working directory in the required ledgersmb-starman.service file as well as the optional ledgersmb-plack-fcgi.service, ledgersmb_plackup.service,
and ledgersmb-development_plackup.service files.
Robert James Clay <> no vendor 2018-10-09
20_http-proxies.patch Set working directory in the optional apache-vhost.conf and nginx-vhost.conf http proxy configuration files. Robert James Clay <> no vendor 2017-06-18
30_security-fixes.patch diff --git a/UI/js-src/lsmb/MainContentPane.js b/UI/js-src/lsmb/MainContentPane.js
index 17ac8d3..7d291bf 100644

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