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Status for libalgorithm-svm-perl/0.13-4

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remove-3rd-party-libsvm.patch Adjust build system to ignore bundled libsvm. The original patch sent upstream completely removes the bundled
libsvm. This modified patch keeps the bundled files in the source
tree which will be ignored by the build. This makes for a simpler
and smaller patch, that is also less likely to break in the future
due to upstream changes such as them updating the bundled version of
Mathieu Bridon <> yes vendor 2017-08-14
update-libsvm3.patch Update bindings for libsvm3. Upstream makes use of bundled libsvm2 which has been removed on a
separate patch. This patch updates the bindings for libsvm3 which
is packaged in Debian.
The libsvm README file states the following:
- Function: void svm_free_and_destroy_model(struct svm_model **model_ptr_ptr);
This function frees the memory used by a model and destroys the model
structure. It is equivalent to svm_destroy_model, which
is deprecated after version 3.0.
Mathieu Bridon <> yes vendor 2012-08-21
do-not-link-to-libm.patch Do not link against libm. This was required by upstream because they are also building libsvm
which would require libm. It is redundant for Debian because we
patch out the vendorised libsvm and use Debian's system-wide libsvm.
Carnë Draug <> not-needed 2017-04-19
spelling.patch Fix spelling in man page Andreas Tille <> yes 2017-04-20
ccflags.patch Add $Config{ccflags} to CCFLAGS Since 5.14 we need the same CCFLAGS Perl itself was compiled with.
So don't override but add to CCFLAGS.
gregor herrmann <> not-needed debian upstream vendor; but also on CPAN RT 2017-07-21

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