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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
cgroup-directory.patch Updating cgroup directory Daniel Baumann <> no 2014-07-26
initscript-exit.patch Correcting sanity checks in example initscripts (Closes: #704926). Daniel Baumann <> no 2014-07-26
template-doc.patch Updating template documentation to match template code (Closes: #682748). Daniel Baumann <> no 2014-07-26
initscript-return.patch Make initscript exit if stop fails (Closes: #642946). Daniel Baumann <> no 2014-07-26
Syntax-fixes-for-man-pages.patch Syntax fixes for man pages
Hyphens used as minus signs must be escaped.
Christian Kastner <> no 2015-10-02
pam_cgroup-Revert-broken-cache-usage.patch pam_cgroup: Revert broken cache usage
This reverts the following upstream commit:

commit ac6173f74922b7dbc46e87370b9bc42cd0fa892d
Author: Peter Schiffer <>
Date: Tue Jun 25 06:37:41 2013 +0200
Subject: Use cache when reading /etc/passwd file

The cache that is to be used is not initialized and therefore remains empty,
hence pam_cgroup doesn't really do anything.

Thanks, Reco, for the report!
Christian Kastner <> not-needed debian upstream 2015-10-02
cgrulesengd-_GNU_SOURCE.patch libcgroup: FTBFS on ia64
Currently libcgroup FTBFS on ia64. This is a result of cgrulesengd.h
defining __USE_GNU itself after features.h has been included, and since
_GNU_SOURCE was not defined before features.h was included, this breaks
assumptions in the glibc headers about the implications of the different
__USE_FOO macros, eventually leading to siginfo-consts-arch.h being
included but TRAP_TRACE not having been defined (which is guarded by
__USE_XOPEN_EXTENDED). The attached patch fixes this on ia64, although
is untested elsewhere.

James Clarke <> no debian 2022-05-11

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