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Status for libclass-dbi-plugin-type-perl/0.02-11

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0001-Fix-compatibility-with-DBD-SQLite-1.61_02.patch [PATCH] Fix compatibility with DBD-SQLite >= 1.61_02
type_info() now returns an array of mostly undefined values, breaking
the t/1.t tests. Add a guard for definedness so we still take the other
branch in this case.
Niko Tyni <> yes debian upstream 2019-01-21
SQLite-3.37.0.patch Fix test failures with SQLite 3.37.0 # Failed test 'notes is text'
# at t/1.t line 28.
# 'TEXT'
# doesn't match '(?^:text|blob)'
# Failed test 'id is integer'
# at t/1.t line 31.
# 'INT'
# doesn't match '(?^:^int)'
gregor herrmann <> yes debian upstream vendor 2022-01-18

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