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0001-TODO-tests-for-base64-decoding-failures.patch [PATCH 1/3] TODO tests for base64 decoding failures
When the input is a suitably long string (24 to 26 characters),
sv_to_uuid() decodes it as base64 but doesn't check if the result
makes sense. The decoding process silently ignores illegal base64
characters and padding after '='.

This can break test 28 when Perl pointers stringify to a suitably
long string, such as "Blah=HASH(0x555555f30d18)".

Add TODO tests showing the behaviour on all platforms.
Niko Tyni <> yes debian upstream 2016-11-27
0002-Check-that-a-base64-decoded-string-is-long-enough-to.patch [PATCH 2/3] Check that a base64 decoded string is long enough to be a UUID

This fixes test failures on platforms where Perl pointers stringify to
a suitably long string, making "Blah=HASH(0x555555f30d18)" a candidate
for base64 decoding.
Niko Tyni <> yes debian upstream 2016-11-27
0003-Fix-use-of-uninitialized-memory-in-new_uuid-when-ver.patch [PATCH 3/3] Fix use of uninitialized memory in new_uuid() when version==1

This was discovered by running the test under valgrind.
Niko Tyni <> yes debian upstream 2016-12-06
abort_build_on_failure.patch abort build if the uuid check fails gregor herrmann <> not-needed vendor 2022-10-21
fix-building-with-gcc12.patch fix compilation with gcc-12 yes debian upstream CPAN RT 2022-10-21

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