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test-user.patch mark a test as TODO which fails in our test setup because we have no users
(besides the password-less socket-using root)
in our test database
gregor herrmann <> not-needed vendor 2016-10-04
regression-fix-float_type_conversion.patch [PATCH] Fix type conversions Calling SvNV() for magical scalar is not enough for float type conversion.
It caused problem for Amavis in tainted mode -- all float values were zero.
On the other hand SvIV() and SvUV() seems to work fine. To be sure that
correct value of float is in scalar use sv_setnv() with explicit NV float
value. Similar code is changed also for integers IV/UV.
This patch should fix reported Amavis bug:
See also reported perl bug about SvNV():
gregor herrmann <>
Pali <> yes debian upstream 2021-11-02
0001-Fix-for-MariaDB-10.3.13-with-zerofil.patch [PATCH] Fix for MariaDB 10.3.13 with zerofil =?UTF-8?q?Dani=C3=ABl=20van=20Eeden?= <> yes debian upstream 2019-03-05
fix-returncode-on-connection-closed.patch [PATCH] accept 4031 as a valid return code when connection closed
As of 8.0.24 MySQL writes the reason the connection was closed before
closing it, so 4031 (ER_CLIENT_INTERACTION_TIMEOUT) is now an valid
return code. See

for more information.

This addresses the issue reported in
Walt Mankowski <> no 2021-06-10

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