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Status for libdbi-drivers/0.9.0-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
mysql_h_path.patch Fix mysql header path Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <> not-needed
fix_sqlite3_lib_name.patch Fix sqlite3 lib name Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <> not-needed
disable_some_tests_for_sqlite3.patch Disable some tests that is a test suite problems Prach Pongpanich <> not-needed debian
fix_ftbfs_on_hurd.patch Fix FTBFS on GNU/Hurd Svante Signell <> not-needed debian
dbd_sqlite3_resolve_a_stack_buffer_overflow.patch commit 24f48b86c8988ee3aaebc5f303d71e9d789f77b6

dbd_sqlite3: resolve a stack buffer overflow

This statement as such has no effect and is responsible for
subsequent invocation of undefined behavior when strncpy writes to a
potentially too small buffer. The intention here was likely to define
a new "word_lower" that is big enough (and shadows the old one).

diff --git a/drivers/sqlite3/dbd_sqlite3.c b/drivers/sqlite3/dbd_sqlite3.c
index 6d3c0c3..67a782e 100644
Jan Engelhardt <> no 2014-04-17
freetds-1.0-fix.patch commit 3bf3e4a856604703c4070bdebbe42fe0068f540a

freetds: resolve compile error with 1.0

dbd_freetds.c: In function "dbd_connect":
dbd_freetds.c:232:12: error: "CS_TDS_80" undeclared (first use in this function)
num = CS_TDS_80;

freetds 1.0 has dropped the CS_TDS_80 identifier. In 0.95, it defined
CS_TDS_80=CS_TDS_71, while 0.91 has no CS_TDS_71, which is why a full
autoconf check is needed.

diff --git a/acinclude.m4 b/acinclude.m4
index 45db616..85eec28 100644
Jan Engelhardt <> no 2017-01-27
pgsql_precision.patch update pgsql float precision Newer pgSQL releases have more bits to store float. Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <> no debian 2020-02-06
test_exception_failure.patch make test exceptions fail the test suite and thus the build Syntax-related issues in the MySQL tests were resulting in setup like INSERT
INTO to fail. This was resulting in a test exception rather than a failure,
causing the entire MySQL test suite to silently fail. This should instead cause
the build to fail, so patch the testsuite to treat exceptions as failures.
Robie Basak <> no 2020-02-27
test_mysql_date_tz.patch fix MySQL test timezone inputs MySQL 8.0 requires the timezone field in a DATETIME input string to
have no leading spaces, and does not support a timezone field in the
TIME type. Adjust accordingly. The test input time is therefore
different as it is not offset by the timezone, so the expected output
is also adjusted to match.
It isn't clear if this also applies to older MySQL or MariaDB as the
previous test failures weren't failing the build.
Even though a version of this patch has been incorporated into the
Debian package, we still have to carry our own version because of the
"the_datetime_tz" fix below.
Robie Basak <> yes debian 2020-02-28
mysql-8.0.patch Fix build errors with MySQL 8.0 The mysql_install_db script has been removed, and replaced with
the --initialize options for mysqld.
Also add -uroot to mysqladmin calls so package can be built without

Lars Tangvald <> yes 2020-05-25
no_mariadb_timezone.patch don't use time zone literals with MariaDB MariaDB doesn't support time zone literals, but fail on them. Support is
planned, see:
Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <> no debian 2022-02-27

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