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Status for libdbi-perl/1.643-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
t__40profile.t__NTP.patch A NTP clock adjustment of -0.00967s lead to FTBFS. gregor hermann <> not-needed 2010-10-07
t__06attrs.t__localefix.patch Fix LC_ALL to C in tests Fix LC_ALL to C for the error messages in the statement handle tests Damyan Ivanov <> not-needed 2013-05-03
t__80proxy.t___syslogd.patch syslogd isn't necessarily on the buildds Nicholas Bamber <> no 2010-10-07
spelling.patch fix spelling mistakes in the POD gregor herrmann <> yes upstream vendor 2020-02-08
t-51dbm_file.t-add-test-from-RT-99508.patch [1/2] t/51dbm_file.t: add test from RT#99508
Add test with f_dir="something-not-existing" as reported in RT#99508
to verify when it's fixed for real.
Jens Rehsack <> yes debian upstream 2020-10-06 [2/2] lib/DBD/ fix CVE-2014-10401
Dig into the root cause of RT#99508 - which resulted in CVE-2014-10401 - and
figure out that DBI->parse_dsn is the wrong helper to parse our attributes in
DSN, since in DBD::dr::connect only the "dbname" remains from DSN which causes
parse_dsn to bailout.

Parsing on our own similar to parse_dsn shows the way out.
Jens Rehsack <> yes debian upstream 2020-10-06

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