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Status for libdevel-bt-perl/0.06-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
hurd_path_max.patch Fix FTBFS on hurd-i386 hurd does not define PATH_MAX. Fix taken from pathmax.h
Daniel Lintott <> yes debian upstream 2014-03-25
0001-Raise-instead-of-kill-the-signal.patch [PATCH] Raise instead of kill the signal Leon Timmermans <> yes debian upstream 2014-09-01
0001-Reinitialize-the-fd-set-in-the-select-loop.patch [PATCH] Reinitialize the fd set in the select loop
This fixes test failures on slow hosts.

It looks like execvp() happening in the child after the first select()
call invalidates the set.

Quoting the Linux select_tut(2) manual page:

11. Since select() modifies its file descriptor sets, if the call
is being used in a loop, then the sets must be reinitialized before
each call.
Niko Tyni <> yes debian upstream 2014-09-27

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